Caernarfon Line Dance Weekend and Netflix The Crown

We had an absolutely brilliant time at our annual line dance weekend "Winter Bonanza", it was even better to know we shared the hotel with the cast and crew of "The Crown" which is a very popular Netflix series.

Here is a few pictures below!

Caernarfon The Crown Netflix   Caernarfon The Crown Netflix line dance weekend


I don't know if you have ever had the chance to visit The Celtic Royal Hotel in Caernarfon, in my books it's one of the best hotels in the UK, not only because the hotel is amazing, but the staff are wonderful to deal with, they go out their way to make sure your stay is memorable, and that's why year after year I book this hotel for line dancing. If I had to give this hotel a rating I would say its a 4 star, maybe even 4.5 star, don't take my word for it, take a day out and drop in and see for yourself, or even better click the following link and book a dance holiday with me! 

Click here to book a dance weekend in North Wales

We had the pleasure of having over 88 dancers enjoying a 2 night break with a great selection of entertainment, including Robert Lindsay, Mike Hitchen, Paul Bailey, with me "Daniel Whittaker" as the host for the weekend.

We had a Christmas evening on the Friday everyone dressed up in their best festive jumper! I also arranged for us all to have a Christmas meal which went down a treat! Saturday we had workshops followed by evening entertainment with Paul Bailey, our Saturday night theme was "Dress a mess" it was great fun!

If you would like further information on the range of dance weekends I organise please email me or give me a call, as I do arrange these across all of the UK.