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Well November has been a very busy month for sure, in fact I completely need to plan my diary much better going forward, as working 60 days with no day off is definitely not healthy for anyone!  This month I taught a few dances but mainly concentrated on recapping this month as I just want to make sure that all of my 5 classes are up to date!


Dances taught this month ..

Day of the dead (Choreographed by Dan Albro) I really like this dance, and 3 out of 5 of my classes like it too. I will say its not suitable for everyone obviously you have to like country music and two of my classes don't like much country. I would say its an easy improver line dance and I highly recommend it for classes who like country and something relatively easy to do <click here to view the stepsheet>

Thank you (Choreographed by Tina Argyle) Love this dance, even though there is a sad story behind it. Many of you know Tina was asked to do the dance as Gary Perkins is not well and to thank everyone for their support he wanted to touch many dancers with this great little song, Tina has done a great job with this dance. If you want an easy dance to teach then I recommend this dance to you <click here to view the stepsheet>

Boom Shakalak (Choreographed by Daniel Whittaker) I only write a few dances a year now as I'm so busy with dance classes and running two travel businesses so I proudly present to you a little funky dance! it's only 32 counts with some easy restarts and tags. Step sheet will be released in coming days/weeks

Majestic (Choreographed by Gary O'Reilly) I'm a bit late teaching this dance, I wasn't sure at first but it's grown on me, and 4 of the dance classes really like it, <click here to view the stepsheet>

Love is Loud (Choreographed by Robbie McGowan Hickie) I think this is one of the last dances I'm teaching in 2018, we only have a few weeks to go before we shut down for Christmas. Hazel Pace taught this at a weekend and I really liked it, all the classes have enjoyed this dance <click here to view stepsheet>

Red Sun Kisses The Sea (Karen Kennedy) Again I seen this dance at a recent dance weekend, and thought it would be a good little dance to teach my improvers, <click here to view stepsheet>

Graffiti (Choreographed by Karl Harry Winson) This is a great little country dance written by Karl done to a great little song by Keith Urban <click here to view stepsheet>


Top TEN dances

  1. Bethlehem Child - Roy Verdonk, Sebastiaan Holtland, & Jose Miguel Bellone Vane
  2. Majestic - Gary O'reilly
  3. Clueless - Daniel Whittaker & Tina Argyle
  4. Vanotek Cha - Gary O'rielly
  5. Delicate - Nev & Julie
  6. It's your moves - Nev & Julie
  7. I've been waiting for you by Alison Johnstone & Joshua Talbot / Waiting for you - Robert Lindsay
  8. I close my eyes - Hazel Pace
  9. Texas Time - Alan Birchall & Jackie Jax
  10. Groovy Love - Fred Whitehouse, Daniel Trepat, & Jonas Dahlgren


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Lots of Christmas parties planned, if you want to join us check out the details below.

Sunday 2nd December at Whitby Social Club, Ellesmere Port, Cheshire

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Wednesday 19th December at Crosville Club, Crewe, Cheshire

Thursday 20th December at Mancot village hall, North Wales