What is Line Dancing?
Line Dancing has been around for years and has evolved into being the fastest growing dance activity across the world. Every routines is choreographed to fit a song perfectly. Many people (usually non-dancers) think line dancing is only done to Country music, this has changed and certainly over the past 10-years we dance to a massive range of music to suit all tastes. 
What music do you dance too?
As mentioned above we use music from all genres, honestly ALL types of music from Country, Pop, Latin, Swing, Irish, Blues, R'nB, even Classical.
Whether its ' Despacito' by Justin Bieber to Ed Sheeran 'Perfect', we dance to all sorts of music.
I don't have a partner, is that a problem?
Absolutely not, the great thing about line dancing, is that no partner is needed, no one rely on. You simply turn up have fun, dance and make new friends.
How long will it take me to learn?
How long is a piece of string, everyone learns differently some may grasp it very quickly and some take a bit longer. On average I would say it does take between 6-12 months to fully grasp the steps. Don't forget we are always learning, I have been dancing 22 years and I'm still constantly learning!
I am by myself and feel nervous, do you have any advice?
Don't feel nervous we are a really friendly bunch of dancers, and everyone has gone through the same feelings, but you know you will make some great friends and you wont look back.
I got TWO left feet, I don't think I can get it
Hey, I get so many telling me this, and I have taught thousands of people and everyone of them I made in to a dancer, I keep it simple and easy and you WILL get it!
How much are classes?
OK so classes are between £4.00 and £5.00 (Please note all classes soon will be £5.00), you simply pay as you go so no upfront payment needed, no membership, just pay cash on the night.
What do I wear?
wear something comfortable, and bring two pairs of shoes and try them on to see what works best on the dance floor. In time you will no doubt invest into dance shoes, I can point you in the right direction and this may set you back £30 to £100. You certainly don't need to get any yet give it a few months and then ask me for details,
Do do I need to bring with me?
Each venue have different rules, Monday and Thursday classes are held in a church hall so you can bring your own refreshments. If you attend any classes on Tuesdays and Wednesdays then there is a bar and you need to purchase your drink from there. 
But like I said above bring two pairs of shoes to see what works best but you don't want a shoe with grip as you need to be able to dance with ease. If you sweat a lot then I advise you to bring deodorant and a sweat towel.
Do I need to book?
You don't need to book, but I recommend you to book as we do sell out on some beginner dance sessions and when this happens then we would have to turn you away. 
Where are your classes?
We have 5 classes across North Wales, Chester, Nantwich and Crewe. All classes are at different levels so please scroll to the top menu and hover your mouse over the classes link, a drop down menu will appear and you can check each class out there!.
Is line dancing ...  Yeehaw?
No, absolutely not! Many years ago, in fact about 20-years ago it was very country but things move on and line dancing moved on and is now very trendy and you will find it very inviting.
Where can I book?
I have a few options available for you, see below ...
Book your place by calling 01244 470115 or emailing
and then paying on the door weekly. 
Buy 8 lessons online for just £25.00, this is saving you a good amount of money but you must purchase this prior to your first lesson. if you would like to take this offer then CLICK HERE TO BUY