Terms & Conditions for Dance Classes

We all want to dance in a safe environment, to do this we need to set guidelines so we all can dance safely. please see the below guidelines and rules when you visit a Dance Fever school of dance.

Do the following…

  • Do dance in lines so everyone can fit on floor
  • Do listen to the DJ, Instructor and Artist
  • Do tuck your belongings under your table to avoid anyone tripping
  • Do leave the dance floor when the music ends, unless you are staying up for the next dance
  • Do be friendly, kind, and helpful to others

Don’t do the following

  • Don’t walk across the dance floor when the music is playing to reach the other side ALWAYS walk around
  • Don’t bend down in the middle of the floor to tie the laces this is a hazard to the other dancers moving around you.
  • Don’t carry drinks or food across the dance floor at ANY time whether there are people dancing or not.
  • Don’t talk loud whilst your instructor is teaching this is off putting for both instructor and those who are on the dance floor learning the dance.
  • Don’t promote other dance schools doing this will result in an immediate ban
  • Don’t come to class if you feel unwell, especially if you think you may have COVID symtoms